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              Redidential Painting

              Dundas Residential Painting

              Our Dundas painters offer the most professional and flawless residential painting services in Ontario, and our results never disappoint. More info

              Commercial Painting

              Dundas Commercial Painting

              Depend on our fantastic commercial painting experts and create an unforgettable first impression for your booming business!
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              Our Painter

              Our Painters

              Our painters have been proudly serving Ontario with top-grade residential painting and commercial painting services for many years. More info

              Our Dundas painters are your ideal solution for all your residential painting and commercial painting needs. Valley Rock Painting has been working side by side with countless home and business owners in Ontario for many years, and our Dundas painters are fully qualified professionals who are capable of delivering spotless painting results with unbeatable efficiency and workmanship. We hold the highest quality standards in the painting industry by strictly using only top-quality products sourced from reputable companies such as Sherwin Williams, Dulux, and Benjamin Moore. Environmentally responsible, safe for indoor use, odourless, low-VOC, and long-lasting, these products are sure to bring out the best colours you always wanted! As a part of our satisfaction guarantee, our Dundas painters will custom tailor any of our services to fit your exact needs. Your opinion will always be the most important factor for our Dundas painters and we won’t be happy with our results unless you are 100% satisfied!


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              Our painters are available in the areas of Dundas, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Brantford, Stoney Creek, Waterford, Ancaster, Grimsby, Caledonia, and many other surrounding cities. Our painting contractors are available on a 24 hours a day and 7 days a week basis and will work around your preferred schedule. Take a moment to read the reviews that our valued customers have provided and visit our project gallery to see some of our latest work. Don’t wait another day to contact us! We are always glad to discuss any specifics with you and won’t hold you to commit until you make your decision.

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